You CAN make a difference in this broken world!

How do you react after listening to the evening news at night? Do you run for another drink, grab a pint of ice cream, spend another wasted hour scrolling thru social media?

In my mental toughness program we accept the current state of affairs, feel the rage, the despair, the hopelessness…for about 3 minutes. THEN WE MOVE ON. We do not dwell. We choose to put down that pint of Burbon or Ben and Jerry’s and do some powerful  mental push ups instead.

First take three deep cleansing breaths and do some relaxing yoga poses to dissolve all that cortisol that has built up in your system. Then state some powerful affirmations that you really FEEL:

“I CAN make a difference and here is how I am going to to it…”.

I pray for those women and girls in Afghanistan that the Taliban release their hold over them and peace is restored in Afghanistan NOW.

I make a donation of $5, $50, (or whatever) to a 4 star non-profit to help these women.

I now go forth in peace.


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