Corporate Group Coaching

Are your female employees burned out, underproducing and perhaps even quitting their jobs when maybe they’d prefer to stay?


In this post-pandemic season, sadly many successful business women feel unmotivated, and overwhelmed. They no longer feel fulfilled in their jobs. Some are leaving with the hope of jump starting their career elsewhere. It doesn’t have to be this way. I can help.

My workshops are different from all the rest. I specialize in coaching women how to think like a Navy SEAL and develop the self-care habits of an Olympic athlete to reduce their burnout, learn to prioritize their health and develop a sane work/life balance.

The result? Attrition rates decrease, women are healthier, more productive, and regain a deep sense of fulfillment on the job. 

Three things
highly accomplished businesswomen secretly tell me that they’d never share with their bosses:


  1. I’m burned out. I feel guilty for never doing enough, despite working hard at home and in my job.
  2. I constantly doubt myself. I’m highly skilled, but suffer from that dreaded “Impostor Syndrome”.
  3. I am terrible at setting boundaries, and never take “Me” time. I’m overeating, under sleeping and angry. I’m exhausted adn afraid to speak up about it.

What I Coach


I coach women in 4 steps how to get mentally tough and start believing in themselves 100%. The result: They dissolve their burnout, discard the guilt and thrive using their productive “Yes I Can!” attitude.

Proven Strategies

Women need to follow a proven strategy to take better care of themselves and live a balanced, joyful productive career and home life. My 4 step mental toughness program teaches the same strategies that SEALs and Olympians use to win.

Why coach with me?

MOST COACHES DO NOT TEACH WOMEN HOW TO CHANGE THEIR ATTITUDES. Nor do they teach strategy. Sure, they’ll help your employees set goals and have accountability moments, but this is not enough to create lasting change. Without teaching women how to develop an “Oh Yes I Can!” mindset you are wasting their time and your coaching dollars.

How many women do you know who will teach your employees how to develop the mindset of a mentally confident Navy SEAL and the habits of Olympic athletes? I coach women how to “build fires in the rain” (a SEAL skill) and give themselves 10 seconds to get over that last mistake (a BIG Olympic athlete skill).

I’m a certified Mental Toughness coach, trained by Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine and his team (located in Carlsbad, CA). I am 23 years off sugar and junk food, won a gold medal in Olympic weightlifting (yep, at age 64), and received endorsements from Oprah, Barbara Walters, Rachael Ray for a small business I launched in my spare bedroom. All because I got mentally tough.

Laura Eiman on Stool

You can’t fix the outside without first fixing your insides. Lasting success begins first with changing one’s mindset and habits.

You won’t find a coach as passionate as I am at helping you develop a balanced, SANE lifestyle. I’m a no-nonsense coach who will ferociously support you 100%. I will also call you out on your stuff, and keep you relentlessly focused so you can hit your fun, juicy career dreams and wellness goals.

How I can help your company and employees 


Cost Compare

Compared to the cost of recruiting and training new hires, my group coaching workshops provide you with a cost-effective solution to support your employees’ professional development.

Increase Loyalty

Companies who offer my workshops demonstrate their commitment to the development of their employees, leading to increased employee loyalty and retention. I hear every day how much working women appreciate this.

Customized Workshops

I can target your workshops to meet your specific needs, faced by your female employees, leading to more targeted effective learning outcomes.

“Our clients were inspired to stay clean and sober by working Laura’s unique mental toughness program. She is an engaging, professional public speaker and genuinely passionate about helping others.”

Nicole Behr

Marketing Outreach, Futures Recovery Healthcare, Tequesta, FL