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I’m a certified Confidence Coach
and gold medal Olympic Weightlifter.


I teach women of all ages how to crush their
self-doubts and develop unshakable confidence in themselves so they can win more in their lives.

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"Winning" is about living a life of purpose, confidence, and joy.
But in today's chaotic world, women have lost their winning edge and feel burnt out and anxious.

Does this sound like you? I can help!

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How I serve women

Justice Impacted

Reentry into society is hard enough for the justice impacted community, but experiencing social stigmas, employment discrimination and loss of trust by family members can be devastating. I am a mental toughness coach for women, working with...

1:1 Coaching

In these chaotic times, have you lost your grit, your self-assurance? Are you anxious and uncertain about how to move forward with your life? My "4 Steps To Develop Unshakable Confidence" program has helped many women reclaim their confidence,...

Laura Eiman Mental Toughness Coach

A “Jump Start Your Life” Call

Have you lost your confidence? Do you lack purpose? Tired of always giving to others and never making time for yourself? I can teach you a few of my proven strategies to create a new, fulfilling life for yourself.

Laura Einman 1 to 1 Coaching

Corporate Group Coaching

Are your female employees burned out, underproducing and perhaps even quitting their jobs when maybe they’d prefer to stay?   In this post-pandemic season, sadly many successful business women feel unmotivated, and overwhelmed. They no...

Laura Eiman Group Coaching

Keynote Speaking

I’m not just another motivational speaker that makes people feel good for an hour. I share my tried-and-true strategies (and entertaining stories) that permanently change the way people think, and help them 20X their potential. Your participants...

Laura Eiman Keynote Speaker


“Laura is hands-down the best coach I’ve ever worked with. As a female leader in the tech world at Cisco, she helped me improve myself, my leadership skills and to lead high-performing teams. Laura’s practical, insightful, and highly accountable approach has helped me elevate my performance and that of my team. “

Reed Kojic

Senior Director / HR Cisco

Why Laura?

I don’t teach “tips and tricks”.  These never last long. I teach women strategies for a lifetime of confidence and resilience, no matter what chaos is going on in the world.

How many coaches do you know who won a gold medal in Olympic weightlifting at age 64, had their small business endorsed by Oprah and have been sugar free for 24 years?

I coach women how to never quit by changing their thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and the world around them. Most coaches don’t want to teach these skills. It’s too hard and time-consuming for them. They teach quick fixes. I don’t. I only teachlife long strategies to clients who want to make BIG CHANGES in their lives.

I coach principles I learned from working with Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine and his team in Carlsbad, CA. Learning how to think like a Navy SEAL will 20X your confidence fast!

Are you ready to trade in your tired, anxious self, regain your stamina and confidence and live an authentic, empowered life? Click the button below and let’s talk.

When was the last time you won anything
by saying “I can’t”?

                 -Laura Eiman 

Coach Laura’s Blog


Do you ever take a mini-vacation? Ever leave the devices at home and spend a day in the park, a museum, swinging in a hammock, staring up at the stars? I think a huge problem with everyone being...

Leave those negative emotions at home.

Ladies, I'm going to be blunt with you here, cuz I love ya: Don’t bring those negative emotions to work with you. 
I get tons of emails from women telling me “HELP! I’m so burnt out at work. I...


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Maharishi Award Transcendental Meditation Center Boca Raton FL
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