Where’s the fire?

This morning in the supermarket I saw a guy wearing a tee shirt that said: “I’m afraid of what might happen if I slow down and take a nap.”

Who can relate? I’m seeing a large show of hands out there.

I know we are all tired of burnout talk, but the condition is real. Are you hesitant to slow down and go for a walk, take a nap, just get away for a weekend or a week? Are you afraid you may fall apart? I get it. I was on a 1-week vacation in August with my family in the Pocono Mountains, PA. But my one week in the woods turned into three because I was too burned to pack and head back home to Boston.

I was working so hard that I kinda went poof while on vacation in the woods. I had zero energy. Like that tee shirt said, I slowed down on vacation and then realized that I was unable to get back up. I got sick, did not work out once, and I fall asleep at 8PM every night. I missed a week writing this newsletter Wow if this isn’t a sign that I need to slow down.

Where’s the fire? Why are we rushing around so? Why are we not listening to our bodies and slowing down? Do we feel that we are never doing enough and must prove ourselves to others by getting entrenched in “go-go-go” habits?  And then we flame out.

We live in a culture that says “busy = important”. We feel it’s wrong to put ourselves first. Women definitely struggle with this one.

This is just plain dumb.

MAKE THE DECISION not to buy into this nonsense.
MAKE THE DECISION to put yourself first and develop restful habits. The world, your job, your family will benefit enormously if we do this. No one can slow down for you.
MAKE THE DECISION every day to worry less and pray or ponder or meditate more. Listen for direction. Trust that all is going well.

Now I walk the woods, hang with family, and be more intentional about my breathing. I eat well. Hang more with friends.

Ask yourself this powerful question when you are rushing: “So…where’s the fire?”

When have worry and rushing got us anywhere?

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