Want more credibility at work?


If you want to up your game at work and gain more respect, you must leave your emotions at home. Those toxic, angry, fearful, overly sentimental feelings that we all have are normal, but best left at home. The office is no place for them.

The workplace is fraught with fearful, competitive, anxious energy. Everyone from CEOs to p/t mailroom clerks is dealing with massive uncertainty about everything. It doesn’t help if all their employees come in feeling …. wonky.

And BTW, we’re all feeling wonky. You are not alone. (If you are really struggling, please reach out for help. Email me, connect with HR, call a friend. Don’t go it alone.)

How might your workday change if you said to yourself every day: “I recognize the value of leaving my emotions at home. Today I lighten my mental load. I choose to come to work in a clean, calm emotional state, able to think clearly and ready to be of service. I will deal with my emotions when I come home at night.”

What a difference, right? This is truly mastering your emotions like an Olympian and a Navy SEAL

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