Do you ever take a mini-vacation? Ever leave the devices at home and spend a day in the park, a museum, swinging in a hammock, staring up at the stars?

I think a huge problem with everyone being stressed all the time is that we don’t hang out in a happy place for an hour, an afternoon, or a weekend.

That would be me. I never get away. I work, work, work. All the time. Finally last weekend I got away. I didn’t realize how wired and tired I was until I took a 6AM swim in this soothing, quiet lake in Maine. I felt rested afterwards, and realized for that this was the first time in … yikes, probably a month that I had giving myself a little time off, a mini-vacay!

I instantly felt the stress leave my brain and body. I want the same for you this summer.

Ladies, here’s a little tough luv for you this July. IT’S YOUR JOB to manage your stress. No one can do this for you. But sometimes it’s hard to push ourselves away from the busy-ness.

Here’s an effective, fun “mental toughness” push up when you wake up tomorrow morning. State to yourself out loud: “Today I’m going to find a happy place and spend an hour there, reading a book, just thinking, maybe chatting with a stranger, walking my dog, washing the car. This weekend I commit to spending two full days in a happy place.”

Excellent! Now go find yourself some fun this weekend. It all begins with intention, with making the decision to push away from your go-go-go mindset. WOW, just talking about this makes me enthusiastic and ready to go. I’m gonna go for a swim

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