Justice Impacted

I Coach Confidence and Courage

Reentry into society is hard enough for the justice impacted community,

but experiencing social stigmas, employment discrimination and loss of trust by family members can be devastating.

I am a mental toughness coach for women, working with companies that hire justice impacted people. In my mental toughness workshops, I coach women (and men too!) how to think like a Navy SEAL and develop the habits of Olympians so they can move beyond their past and start winning in their lives.

A sample of my 6-week workshops:
Successfully Re-Enter Into Society.
4 Steps To Develop a Mentally Confident, Resilient and Courageous Mindset. 
Master Your Anger So It Doesn’t Master You.
Your 3P’s: Discover Your Passions, Principals, and Purpose.
Boundaries Are A Girl’s Best Friend.
The 5 Pillars To Optimum Health.

I offer 1 hour Lunch N’ Learns and keynotes too. 

Here’s a sample of what participants accomplish in my Justice Impacted coaching programs:

Develop a strong vision for what you really want in your life and career.

Developing an “Oh Yes I Can!” mindset.

Get resilient. Never quit.


Identify destructive thoughts that bring you down.

Believe that you are not your past.

Experience fun, joy and peace in your life.

Learn how to destress and stay healthy.

Learn how to set effective boundaries politely and consistently.

I offer special rates to 510(c) nonprofits. Book a call today.

Justice Impacted Group

From Boston, I enjoy coaching a smart, eager group of justice impacted employees at FutureStitch in California. They learn re-entry skills, how to manage their anger, regain their confidence, develop strong values, and become productive employees and members of society.

Although I am a women’s mental toughness coach, I am available to coach your co-ed group.  (Growing up I had three brothers. I was the only girl! I can chat with guys all day long.)

“Laura is a source of inspiration and strength for our justice impacted workers. She gives our employees tools to live by and has ignited them with purpose and passion. The group unanimously says “WE LOVE HER”. I whole-heartedly recommend her.”

Taylor Shupe

Founder/CEO FutureStitch

Why coach with me?
I’ve never been incarcerated.


Angry at the world, I blamed others for all my problems. I was trapped in negative, toxic thoughts. I hated everyone and everything (except my two young children). I wasted half my life and was bingeing on sugar to stuff the feelings.

23 years ago, I saw a Navy SEAL documentary. (I didn’t even know who they were.) Watching them inspired me to get out of my self-imposed prison. I wanted a better life for myself and my kids. I wanted their mental toughness, their values, their resilience so I copied their mindset.  I dumped the pity parties and my negative self-talk. I gave up the sugar addiction. Slowly I did a 180° and began winning in my life. 

Today I’m a “Leo who cares”.

How many 70-year-old grandmothers do you know who have a successful mental toughness coaching business, teaching businesswomen and the justice impacted community how to develop the winning mindsets of a Navy SEAL and Olympic athletes to dissolve their burnout, put themselves first and thrive?

I’m a certified mental toughness coach, trained by Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine and his team in Carlsbad, CA. I am 23 years off sugar and junk food, won a gold medal in Olympic weightlifting (yep, at age 64), and received endorsements from Oprah, Barbara Walters, Rachael Ray for a small business I launched in my spare bedroom. All because I got mentally tough.

I want the same for the justice impacted community.

Laura Eiman on Stool

You can’t fix the outside without first fixing your insides. Lasting success begins first with changing one’s mindset and habits.

You won’t find a coach as passionate as I am about helping them thrive.