One reason why you may be procrastinating.

I hate to admit this…

Even though I am a Confidence Coach, sometimes I can be such a mental weenie.

Like last month. My vacation in the Pennsylvania mountains was ending. I wanted to squeeze one more early AM lake swim before heading home. BUT YOWZA! It’s ca-ca-ca- cold at 7AM in the Pocono mountains in August. Like 47° ca-ca-ca-cold.

I spent ridiculous amounts of time the night before ruminating about how freezing it was going to be: “I don’t have a heater in my body. I’m going to be miserable. It’s no fun. Maybe I’ll blow it off.” And on and on.

I was psyching myself out. I was complaining. I was making a big deal out of nothing.

Do you find that sometimes you make a big deal out of a minor concern? You blow one little icky detail waaay out of proportion and then, ya know what happens?

Procrastination happens. That’s what.

We blow off an important activity which otherwise would be of great value to us because we let one detail run rampant in our minds and ruin it.

Here are a few things you can do to prevent procrastination from seeping into your mindset:

1. Look at your problem from 30 feet away. Ask yourself “How important is my concern?”  “Am I trying to weasel my way out of this activity for some reason?”
2. How am I benefiting by complaining about this issue? Is it really an issue or am I being a mental weenie?
3. Call yourself out on the complaining!  I did.

I realized that my swim “problem” wasn’t that bad. Sure, I’ll feel cold for about 3 minutes, but then once I settle into the water and warm up, I’ll have a good swim. (I’ve done early AM lake swims a million times. I know the drill.) The result? If I stop being a mental weenie and just DO IT, I’ll feel amazing all day long.

“Don’t gift wrap the garbage” as John Maxwell says.

Don’t put that thought on the throne. Don’t give it any power.

Bonus tip: Do you know how much brain space complaining and ruminating takes up? Not to mention it gets exhausting. Do yourself a favor and blow the whistle on those minor but destructive complaints. You’ll save energy and cut your procrastination habits in half.


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