Not feeling motivated?

NO ONE IS MOTIVATED ALL THE TIME. Even Olympic athletes and CEO’s get into slumps and don’t want to perform or produce.

What do they do? They don’t “do” anything. They “allow”.

“Allow? Oh please, Laura that sounds so flakey” you might say. Not true! There isn’t anything flakey about showing up and doing your job on days when you’d rather sleep in.

Disciplined people “allow” their positive habits to take over. On “I don’t feel like it” days, their unconscious mind (and body!) kicks into high gear, gets the person where he/she needs to be, and carries them through whatever task is to be done.

Sound odd? It’s not. This morning was a perfect example. I did not want to go to the gym. My unconscious mind (and body) went into auto pilot and got me there. My negative, grumpy thoughts didn’t have a chance against my powerful, positive habits.

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