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Don’t you hate it when suddenly your day crashes? You are working so hard on a project and then everything falls apart! Unexpectedly the project goes “poof”, you must stop everything, pick up the pieces and then put it all back together.

These little bombs can drop at any time. They not only mess up your day but wow they can sure mess up your mind too.

That’s exactly what happened to me yesterday. At 5:30 AM a business project blew up unexpectedly. I had a mess on my hands, and it interrupted a really busy day. I became frantic and mad. I knew I had to use my mental toughness tools to get a grip on myself fast, so I could deal with this problem.

Simple, but not always easy to do.

Here’s a one-minute video of the tools used to get myself back into a mentally calm and confident state.

Have a listen. (Hang in there – the video might take 15 seconds to load. Thanks!)

I hope this video helps you because honestly, making it helped me get through my mini crisis. I regained my sanity, quickly, went to work on the problem and by 6PM it was resolved.

We can’t prevent “bombs” from happening, but we can be prepared. My strategy to regain your confidence can help you prevent having a meltdown, avoid fueling any burnout you might feel, and help you get back into a resourceful, productive state of mind so you can solve the problem fast.

And as aways it helps to keep life in perspective. Practice a little gratitude when all becomes right again.

At dinner that night, my 3-year-old grandson gave me two of his most cherished stickers from a birthday party last weekend, his favorite fireman stickers! I am so grateful for all that I have. All is well. Gratitude (and confidence strategies!) never cease to amaze me.