Feeling stuck? This will help.

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN FEELING STUCK? Do you have a temper tantrum or ask for help?
Me? I threw a temper tantrum. (Well…just a mini one, in front of the dog.)

Last summer I went nuts trying to figure out how to use my new Garmin device. The software program was so confusing to me, that I threw it back in the box with attitude. I was mad and frustrated. Worse, I felt like a failure. There it sat for 10 months. Last week I decided to practice some mental toughness (aka: gain control of my third-grade emotions!) and ask for help. Imagine that.

I asked my personal trainer Brian (he has 3 Garmins) for help. I committed to studying the instructions with an “Oh Yes I Can!” positive mindset, while he showed me how to figure out some techie issues I was having. The result? I GOT IT! I understand how to use it. I am LOVING this device. Call me Ms. Garmin, thank you very much. Heck, I’m ready to upgrade.

We all get stuck. We all feel frustrated. It’s normal. It doesn’t mean we (me!) must have tantrums and feel like losers, declare we are burnt out and quit. Just ask for help. Get a coach. Find a friend. Look to a neighbor for help. And if that person ends up being kinda disappointing, ask again.

Ask. Ask. Ask. Mental toughness is being able to confidently ask for help. Why? Because life is not a do-it-yourself program ladies. I wasted 10 months of enjoying this incredible device because I was tired and frustrated and got defeated fast. I don’t want that to happen to you.

The lesson I learned? Breath. Take a week or a day. Then try again with someone who can help. Never quit on yourself.

And be that person who helps another too! We give. We gain.

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