Do you wake up everyday without purpose?

ALL SUCCESS BEGINS WITH A PURPOSE. Larry the Lobster has massive purpose going on here at “Taste of Maine” restaurant in Woolwich, Maine.

Larry is a fun reminder that life is so much more fun and fruitful when purpose is leading the way.

There was a time (read that as “decades”) when I wandered this earth with no purpose. I simply reacted to the next “thing” that came along. Foolish and fruitless.

But all that changed when I took a deep dive inside myself, learned who I was, got mentally tough and rebooted my attitude and habits. Today my life is loaded with drive, purpose, passions, and joy.

What is your life like right now? Are you wandering and wallowing? Or do you wake each morning with a Larry the Lobster style purpose and passions? If you feel empty, start journaling what REALLY matters to you.

How do you want to show up every day? How do you want to live your week, your month, the next year? How do you want others to see you? Getting out of our heads and into serving others, making a difference on the planet, no matter how small eases our woes and brings us joy.



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