Rainy day? No problem. I’ll just binge my way through it.

…to numb the dreariness of it all.  

UGH. That was how I lived for the first 48 years of my life.
I’d tune out a dreary day by pounding down the sugar. Cake, cookies, ice cream gave me a fabulous sugar high for about 30 seconds. Then there was hell to pay for the next 30 hours.

Mine is a typical story of addiction. Can you relate? Sugar was my drug of choice. Not alcohol, shopping or opioids. I’d start at 8 AM with donuts and end at 9PM with a pint of ice cream. Seriously, I shouldn’t be alive today. My poor pancreas almost overdosed. My epithet would have read “Death by donuts and Dove Bars”.

I used sugar to medicate my feelings. To run from the hard stuff. I had no control over my addiction. On May 20, 2000 by accident I watched a Navy SEAL documentary. That night I hit my 10,000th bottom. I wanted what they had: Mental toughness. I MADE THE DECISION in front of that TV set, to get off the white stuff. 

That was 23 years ago. Today I feel better than people half my age. I no longer run from the hard stuff. I COACH THE HARD STUFF. 

Personal growth is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. Whether it’s going to therapy, a 12-step program, or working with a personal life coach, the ROI is enormous. But first you must make the choice that you want to change and be better. Every success begins first in our minds. 

Think you are an addict? Do you feel hostage to alcohol, food, shopping? First you must MAKE THE DECISION TO CHANGE. No one can do it for you. Then, you’ll discover that you are not alone, and that loving support is everywhere. 

Contact me if you want to talk, or need help and don’t know how to begin. Every day I am grateful that I am out of that prison of addiction. I want the same for you.

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