What we think about, comes about.

ARE YOU SKEPTICAL ABOUT HOW WE ATTRACT GOOD STUFF (OR BAD!) IN OUR MINDS? Here’s a 30 second story on how it works:

This weekend my daughter called me and said “Mom! Be sure to check out the fabulous, new food co-op in town. It’s right next door to McDonalds.”
Me: What McDonalds?
Her: The one at the traffic light. In the middle of town.
Me: There is no Mickie D’s in town.
Her: Wot? Are you crazy? You drive by it every day.
Me: Crickets. Crickets.

Hmmm… I needed to go see for myself. Sure enough, she was right. There it was.

WHY DID I NEVER SEE IT BEFORE? I swear to you on a stack of McDonalds’ “Quarter Pounders with Cheese” burgers that I never saw it before. Why? Because I haven’t eaten junk food in 23 years. I never think about McDonalds. Ever. THat’s because I amnot looking for it. I’mnot expecting it to appear. It’s not on my radar.

What we think about, comes about.

WHAT’S ON YOUR RADAR TODAY? Are you expecting that crabby co-worker to be … well, a crabby co-worker again, today? Maybe just maybe you are bringing more of same into your mindset? 

What about cutting that co-worker a break today, and stuffing your mind with cool ideas like “how can I be of service to her today? She is hurting. How can I make a difference today?”

So, start thinking about good stuff and watch it show up in your mind. And remember to pay attention or it will slip by you quickly.

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