What do you do when you are stuck?

Do you have a temper tantrum or ask for help? Me? I threw a temper tantrum. (Just a mini one, in front of the dog.) 

Last summer I went nuts trying to figure out how to use my new Garmin watch. The software program was so confusing to me, that I threw it back in the box “with attitude”. I was mad and frustrated. Worse I felt like a failure; why couldn’t I figure this thing OUT?

The watch sat there for 10 months. Last week I decided to practice some mental toughness (aka: gain control of your third-grade emotions, Laura), commit to learning the software program and also, ask for help. 

Imagine that.

I developed a 3 step mental toughness strategy:

1. I set the kitchen timer for 10 minutes and studied the Garmin User Manual.
2. I asked my personal trainer Brian (he has 3 Garmins) for help. (Last summer Brian offered three times to help me learn it. Why I said ‘no thanks” is beyond my stupid self.)
3. I committed to having an “Oh Yes I Can!” positive mindset, while studying the manual and Brian showing me how to figure out some techie issues.

The result? I GOT IT! I understood the basics. OMG it felt so good. Call me Ms. Garmin, thank you very much. Two weeks later I am LOVING this device and ready to upgrade. lol.

We all get stuck. We all feel frustrated. It’s normal. It doesn’t mean we have to feel slide down a slippery slope and like total losers, declare we are inept, have tantrums and quit. 

Just ask for help: Get a coach. Get a friend. Get a neighbor to help. And if that person is not available or is kinda disappointing, stay the course. Ask again.

Ask. Ask. Ask. Life is not a do-it-yourself program, ladies. I wasted 10 months not enjoying the benefits of this incredible watch because I was got easily frustrated, and did not reach out.

My confidence tip when you are doing something hard: 1. Breath. 2.Take a day or two to regroup when you get frustrated. 3. Don’t throw the project back into the box and declare you are burnt out. Just try again and make yourself ask for help.

And be that person who helps someone else too! When we give, we gain.

My Garmin is beeping. It’s telling me to get up and stretch.

Bye now.

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