How do you get thru a huge challenge?

There is nothing more beneficial to your self-esteem and your health than facing a problem head on and coming through the other side, 100% victorious!

Are you struggling with scary challenges and not sure how to get through them? How would it feel to rise to the challenge, crush them and come out the other side feeling proud of yourself?

Let’s go! Start by using my two mental toughness tools;

  1. WHY: Get a powerful reason for why you want to conquer your challenge.
  2. STRATEGY – create one to get the job done fast and to win.

Also, let’s drop the “I just wanna survive it” attitude. No “just surviving”. I want you to come out the other side 100% wildly victorious.

Every Memorial Day I do the super hard Navy Seal workout “Murph” at my CrossFit box, honoring all those who serve in the military. It is a LONG, MENTALLY SCARY, PHYSICALLY GRUELING challenge.

I used these two mental toughness tools to win:

  1. My WHY was to honor my new grandson Archie. I want to be a great role model to him.
    My STRATEGY was: focus on only t the next 10 seconds of the workout. Stay in an Oh Yes I Can! mindset, no matter how exhausted and doubtful I get.

I finished safely, under my time from the previous year and with tons of pride for having done my 4th “Murph”.

Upshot: 1. Stay in a results- oriented mindset. 2. Always ask yourself “What do I need to do right now to get this job done?”



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