Two words that will help you win at weight loss.

When I was 60 years old, I heard two words that changed my body (forever!) and lead me to win a gold medal: functional fitness.

Do you want to increase your energy, feel amazing, create a beautiful body that you never dreamed was possible, lose weight and keep it off for good, boost your metabolism, get stronger than you have ever been?

Functional fitness is the answer.

A functional fitness program is a slow, steady, results oriented strength training program. It trains your muscle groups to work together so you can overtime, begin to perform real life moves (running, carrying, lifting, pushing, pulling, climbing) safely and with power. After all, nature designed our bodies to do these moves, but today we rarely do them. We spend 85% of our time sitting, sleeping, walking.

Before I started doing functional fitness workouts, the only medal I lifted was silverware to my mouth. When I learned how to use kettlebells, dumbells, barbells safely and intelligently, I became a calorie burning, energy machine. No kidding: I burned fat while I sleep. I became so dang strong and confident that I went on to train in Olympic Weightlifting and win a gold medal at age 64.

You can take your health to the next level too. I do not believe in silver bullets. (If any service or product promises you a quick fix – RUN!) Functional fitness is the real deal, because it’s a slow and steady program that wins the race every time.

How would your life change if you put down the donut and picked up a dumbbell? What would it feel like to have more energy, become a fat burning machine and be in a good mood all day long? No matter what your age or level of fitness you can do functional fitness workouts. Find a great functional fitness program in your neighborhood and give it a try. #ohyesyoucan!




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