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Master Your Emotions

Learn the same tips that Navy SEALs and Olympic athletes use, to master your toxic emotions and negative self-talk that fuels burnout and overwhelm.

My Gold Medal Tips

Get my gold medal winning tips for how to dissolve the Impostor Syndrome and believe in yourself 100% of the time.

Self-care is not selfish.

Learn to put yourself first. Create lifelong fitness, sleep, and healthy eating habits to keep burnout in check. 

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Does this sound like you?


You are ambitious and love your job but are trying to “Do It All”.  Now you are struggling to maintain a work/life balance and getting burnt out.


You don’t love your job and want to make a change. Perhaps Covid has given you time to think about your values and what is important. You want help redefining who you are, what you stand for and to seek more fulfilling work.


Do you suffer from the Impostor Syndrome at work? You are highly skilled, got promoted to a well-deserved management position with great pay, but deep down inside you don’t feel worthy.


You never put yourself first. You’ve been so programed to serve others, and never have time to take care of your own needs.


You just can’t “turn off the office”: Overwhelmed, do you take your cell phone to bed at night?


Do you have poor time management skills and never set boundaries? Do you allow your job and family to suck up all your time?


Is your health suffering? Do you have little energy, are overeating and under-sleeping? 

Ladies, I can help you dissolve your burnout, get unstuck
and gain clarity on what you want for the rest of your life.

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About Me

I’m a certified Mental Toughness coach and a gold medal Olympic weightlifter (at age 64!). I am a different kind of coach: I teach busy professional women how to dissolve their burnout, think like a Navy SEAL and develop the habits of an Olympic athlete so they can lead more fulfilling, healthy lives.

I wasn’t always a winner. In fact, I was a mental weenie for decades! Newly divorced with two young children, I was broke, had no direction in my life, and was binging on sugar all day long to stuff my “I hate life” feelings. I was anxious, fearful and had a quitter’s mindset.

Today I’m winning in many areas of my life because I think and act like a Navy SEAL and an Olympic athlete. I want the same for you.

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