Three easy ways to calm down fast.

The world is on fire these days. Everyone is angry and anxious. It seems like everyone is having temper tantrums! My grandson 2-year-old Archie just had a temper tantrum. I used two easy techniques to help calm him down, that I think the rest of the world could use; Breathwork and Yoga.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this but for most of my life I’ve kinda thought that breath work was sort of WooWoo stuff. And I never really “got” yoga. I’d rather be shoveling 6 feet of snow than doing a Downward Facing Dog and deep cleansing breaths.

Years ago, I went to a self-help workshop and the woman on the stage said to everybody “now before we get begin, let’s all take three deep cleansing breaths.” Oh please. Spare me. I didn’t want to do any of this. The curmudgeon in me was quickly rising to the surface. I didn’t see how taking three cleansing breaths was going to help me alleviate my anxiety around paying the rent, or how to deal with the stress of caring for two little babies as a newly divorced woman.

22 years later this curmudgeonly mom has evolved into a much wiser, humbler Laura who has learned an important lesson about yoga and breathwork: without fueling our bodies with proper breath work and yoga moves, we can’t perform at our optimal level. We can go 15 days without food, and five days without water but we can’t go four minutes without a breath. It’s that important. The Navy SEALs do breathwork to regulate their nervous systems and stay calm before battle. Without a regular yoga regimen and breathwork, Olympic athletes will never get near a podium. Whether you are 92 years old or two years old, Yoga can restore us mentally, physically and spiritually.

Have a listen to this video to see how easily Archie takes to breathing and yoga! If he can do these techniques, so can you.

Are you frustrated, and feeling stuck? Are you too overwhelmed to do this breathwork and yoga daily? How would your life change if you learned how to think like a Navy SEAL and developed the habits of an Olympic athlete? I can show you how! Click on the link below and book a call today. 

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