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Have you lost your confidence? Do you lack purpose? Tired of always giving to others and never making time for yourself?

I can help you jump start your life in a 1 hour Zoom call.

Many women feel stuck in thier careers. They are burnt out after Covid, want to redefine their values and change careers, or are ready to retire but don’t know what to do next. Others love their careers but have Impostor Syndrome. Most women I coach say they are overweight, under-exercised and never have enough time for self-care.

If this is you, no wonder you feel stuck.  These issues are huge confidence crushers.

Your life doesn’t have to be that way. I can help.

How would it feel to Jump Start your life right now?  Schedule a 1 hour Zoom call with me today and I’ll help you reignite your life. No matter what your circumstances, I can teach you a few of my proven strategies to create a new, fulfilling life for yourself.

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Miu Edson
Miu Edson
March 15, 2024
I worked for over 20 years as a software engineer while being a mom to 4 kids. Recently I decided to take a break from work and I have been dealing with feeling inadequate and unaccomplished. Laura helped me regain my confidence, define my core values, and focus on my new goals in life. I realized that I am more than just a software engineer or a mom, that I have many other interests and I am now ready to take this new phase of my life into a higher and more meaningful level.
Jean Edwards
Jean Edwards
March 14, 2024
I called Laura at a difficult time when my confidence as an equestrian was at an all time low. She has helped me develop skills to bring the joy and success back to my sport. My sessions with Laura are fun, thoughtful, and useful in all aspects of my life. It is truly a gift to have someone like Laura available to help women find their best and strongest selves.
Sarah Porter
Sarah Porter
June 12, 2023
I want you to know you are valued & loved by all the justice impacted employees here at Future Stitch & by me! After your meeting today, one of our employees walked out telling me, “She just says the BEST stuff!” I would love to have you involved in building up the mental health portion of our BOSS Stitch Program. I am SO grateful for all you have done for our amazing crew. You have inspired them more than words can say! Future Stitches CEO/Founder Taylor Shupe put it perfectly, "Laura is a source of inspiration and strength for our justice impacted workers. When I followed up to see how her instructions were being received, the group unanimously said, "WE LOVE HER". Laura is giving our employees tools to live by and has ignited them with purpose and passion. She give them homework, holds them accountable, and engages each one to make sure they're feeling supported. We're very grateful for Laura's participation at FutureStitch. I whole-heartedly recommend her. Thank you dear friend.
Mary Jane Roy
Mary Jane Roy
May 13, 2023
I look forward to receiving Laura's newsletters. This past week, I sent her the impact she's making on me: "You are actually having an effect on me. I’ve been moving more, using my arm weights and doing some leg strengthening exercises. Nothing strenuous but just not standing still if I can move. There is considerable room for improvement but at least I’m starting again."
Elena Kehoe
Elena Kehoe
April 30, 2023
Laura Eiman has been an outstanding life coach for me over the past ten months. Her organized, progressive system is straight forward and very effective. Laura is a charismatic, insightful and engaging coach. She has helped me reach my personal growth goals during a stressful and vulnerable time. I am happier, more productive and optimistic. I look forward to continuing our work on my own in the future. I highly recommend Laura.
Heidi Butler
Heidi Butler
September 5, 2022
In a 45-minute presentation, Laura had women of all ages convinced they could not only dream big, but achieve big. Before retiring I was obligated to attend many motivational talks. Most were not very inspiring. Laura is! Everyone deserves the chance to hear her.
Tracy Yurchak
Tracy Yurchak
August 13, 2022
I believe that positive change comes from mental toughness, but implementing the practice is a challenge. Laura gives you the confidence to believe that you can achieve your goals and make positive change. She offers a lot of practical advice to implement these habits in your life. She is motivational and inspiring. I could listen to her experiences and advice for hours!
Durita Daniel
Durita Daniel
July 21, 2022
Life changes sometimes takes us off our path. We are left completely lost. Laura asked me the tough and challenging questions to help me rediscover who I am, my purpose, passion and principles. She is a joy and a true coach in every since of the word. She has my back in my toughest moments
Melissa Orme
Melissa Orme
December 13, 2021
I had a great experience working with Laura! She is a true champion of mental toughness and a great coach to work with through the process. Very insightful and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend.
Francesca Paolini
Francesca Paolini
November 10, 2021
We had the pleasure to have Laura Eiman as a speaker today , talking about resilience and the secret sauce of our success ! She is amazing !! Her passion , her energy , her experience as a mental coach with Navy Seal is so valuable . I highly encourage to start following her and engage with her !

Why coach with me?

I will teach you the same confidence strategies that…

Helped me win a gold medal in Olympic weightlifting at age 64.

Garnered endorsements from Oprah, Barbara Walters and Rachael Ray for a small business I launched in my spare bedroom.

Kicked my butt to get off all processed sugar and junk foods 24 years ago.

Who will benefit from a Jump Start call?

You’ve done a lot of talking in therapy. Now you are ready to take action to achieve some of your goals and dreams.

You’re looking for lifelong solutions, not short-term quick fixes.

You've done the webinars and self-help books that provide tips for the masses. You now want custom coaching and strategies that focus 100% on your personal goals

You’re coachable and eager to replace your bad habits and toxic thinking with my confidence strategies for a fulfilling, new life.

You’re willing to spend time, money, and energy on yourself, step outside your comfort zone and do the hard work to reap life-changing results.

Calls are 1 hour on Zoom, on a day and time that works for you. Price: $349. Signing up takes just 90 seconds.

Here’s a sample of what women accomplish in their Jump Start call with me:

Develop a strong vision for what you really want in your life and career



Never Buy into the Imposter syndrome

Get off Sugar and eat healthy food


What's Next After Retirement?

Next Steps:

Calls are 1 hour on Zoom, on a day and time that works for you. Price: $349. Signing up takes just 90 seconds.

Click the “Book your Jump Start call” button below and schedule your call.

Submit your payment through PayPal.

I will email you a 2-minute questionnaire to fill out and return to me before our call.

What to Expect On the Call

Step One

We’ll take a deep dive into your biggest challenges and what keeps you up at night.

Next you will share with me one or two exciting goals that you would love to reach and how your life will change for the better when you do.

You’ll commit to letting go of old habits and working my proven strategies to get unstuck and activate a new life for yourself.

Step Two

On the second half of the call I’ll teach you my gold medal strategies to implement immediately so you can get unstuck.

I’ll give you a concrete plan of daily action steps to take so you can start living a confident, resilient life of purpose.

Just one Jump Start call can get you moving in the right direction.