Need less burnout and more winning in your life?

Are you a successful businesswoman age 45 + who is feeling exhausted and unfulfilled in your job? Are you now feeling stuck and uncertain about your life?  Have you lost your motivation and confidence?  How would it feel to start thinking like a Navy SEAL and use the same strategies that earned me a gold medal in Olympic weightlifting, to redefine who you are as a woman, and make changes to live a more fulfilling, empowered life at work and home?

You’ve done the therapy, and now want a proven strategy for how to move forward and create a new life. Book a 30-minute call. I’d like to hear what keeps you up at night. I’ll share how my 4-step mental toughness program can help you reinvent yourself to live a calm, confident, productive life
(and dare I have some FUN too).

I am a certified confidence coach for
seasoned, ambitious business women.

How many of these scenarios below can you relate to?


Lacking the confidence to set effective boundaries you say “yes” to tasks that are irrelevant to your work and home life goals.


Suffer from Impostor Syndrome at work: you’ve got the smarts and skills and are now in an exciting management role but GULP! you lack the confidence to lead.


You are stuck in a job you don’t like. You want a new career but don’t know how to reassess who you truly are inside, what you stand for, what your gifts are so you can make a difference.


You fear what other people think and are considered rude or “B*!#chy” for speaking up about something of importance.


Can’t turn off the office. You are exhausted, yet you still take your cell phone to bed.


Want better time management skills. You allow your company and family to suck up all your time.

Your life doesn’t have to be this way.

How could your life change if you learned how to think like a Navy SEAL and developed the habits of an Olympic athlete to regain control of your time, your health, put your family first and became an effective leader at work?

Are you working like a dog but never getting ahead, exhausted but never feeling like you are winning? Are you interested in exploring mental toughness? If so, book a 30-minute call today.

“Laura is hands-down the best coach I’ve ever worked with. As a female leader in the tech world at Cisco, she helped me improve myself, my leadership skills and to lead high-performing teams. Laura’s practical, insightful, and highly accountable approach has helped me elevate my performance and that of my team.”

Reed Kojic

Senior Director of People and Communications, Cisco.

So many women tell me “Laura I am burnt out and feel unfulfilled. I want a new me. I want to reassess who I am and develop a new plan for my life!  I’m stuck and don’t know how to get unstuck. ”
Does this describe you?

Women become stuck for two reasons:


Most women don’t put themselves first. They secretly struggle with low confidence, working to please everyone else. Even successful managers and C-suite leaders struggle to set consistent boundaries and end up putting work above their health and their families. We can never live a balanced, fulfilling life if we don’t take care of ourselves and fully believe that WE come first, WE count, WE are worthy.


Women lack following a strategy to get what they want out of life. Sure they have an elaborate plan for a vacation, but do not have even a simple plan for discovering who they really are, what they truly want from their lives and how to go after it! Strategy is everything if you want to succeed.

I can help you get unstuck and reinvent yourself.

In my 1:1 personal coaching program, I will teach you my proven 4 step mental toughness strategies I developed 22 years ago after studying the winning mindsets and habits of Navy SEALs and Olympic athletes.

I used these principles to radically change my stuck, “mentally weenie” life. The result? I became mentally calm and confident and started winning in many areas of my life.

I want the same for you.  

Laura, you have helped me immensely. How one loses their direction, their passions, and their purpose in life, I don’t know. But you have helped me immensely to re-discover them. I so admire the work you do. You are a light and a blessing in my life. Thank you.

Durita Daniel

Burbank, Oklahoma

Laura Eiman

Here’s a sample of what women accomplish
in my 1:1 coaching program:

Develop a strong vision for what you really want in your life and career.

Identify destructive thoughts that bring you down and tire you out. 

Learn how to set effective boundaries politely and consistently. 

Get resilient. Never quit.

Develop stamina and better health.

Never buy into the Imposter Syndrome 

Learn how to de-stress and stay healthy.

Experience fun, joy and peace in your life.

Why coach with me?

How many 69-year-old women do you know have won a gold medal in Olympic weightlifting (at age 64), have trained with Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine to get their mental toughness coaching certification, have been sugar and junk food free for 22 years, and have a small business started in a spare bedroom, endorsed by Oprah, Rachael Ray and Barbara Walters? I achieved all these wins by practicing my 4 step mental toughness strategies. I want the same for you.

I understand what you are going through. My life was in the gutter for decades. A newly divorced mom raising two young children, I was working hard to make ends meet. I never felt good enough, said yes to everyone, had negative self-talk and didn’t believe in myself. Worse I had been slowly killing myself bingeing on sugar for 40 years. I blamed everyone and everything for my rotten life. I was a mental weenie. Life was pretty darn painful.

One night at my neighbor’s house I watched a documentary on TV about the Navy SEALs, (chomping away at a bag of cookies). I was inspired by these mentally tough men who were fit, resilient, had integrity and a relentless drive to succeed. I wanted what they had. The next day I began studying the mindset of Navy SEALs, Olympic athletes, and dabbled in Greek philosophy. I developed a personal 4 step Mental Toughness program based on my studies of these winning people. I practiced my program relentlessly. I threw away the candy bars and toxic mindset for good and slowly started winning in many areas of my life. That was 21 years ago.

Laura Eiman

When I got mentally tough I went from the gutter to grateful to a gold medal. I’m an ordinary person now doing extraordinary things because I got stopped the toxic talk and took bold action steps. I want the same for you.

Olympic athletes train relentlessly to keep going and never quit, no matter what. The “no matter what” is crucial!

Laura Eiman


I am a certified mental toughness coach trained by Navy SEAL commander Mark Divine and is team (located in Carlsbad, CA), a gold medal Olympic Weightlifter (ahem….at age 64), and a 5-star keynote speaker trained by top corporate speaker Steve Siebold in Atlanta, GA. 

Why am I still coaching?

I’m a grandmother! I should be baking cupcakes with my little Archie or sitting on a beach in the Caribbean, sipping a drink with an umbrella in it.

I’m still coaching because I think it’s INSANE what is expected of women these days. It is wrong that millions of talented, caring, hard working women all over the country are getting burned out trying to “do it all”. ENOUGH I say! My program successfully helps women discover WHO THEY ARE inside, how to gain control over their lives, and identify what they stand for.

Laura With Archie

I specialize in coaching exhausted female executives all over America. They love learning how to think like a Navy SEAL and developing the habits of Olympic athletes so they can create successful, SANE and HEALTHY lives for themselves.

As long as there are women who want to get mentally tough, you’ll never find me on a beach!