One Thing You Shouldn’t Buy This Holiday Season

Buy! Buy! Buy! Binge! Binge! Binge! Booze! Booze! Booze! Happy Holidays everyone! Or are they?

Better health and better wealth aren’t dictated by a holiday. True health and happiness with your body and your bank account begins by developing healthy mental habits.

Don’t buy into the holiday belief (it’s a delusion) that it’s OK to binge on egg nog and Christmas cookies today, truly believing you will begin that new diet on 1/1. It’ ain’t gonna happen.

Don’t buy into the holiday belief (another delusion) that buying gifts for everyone in your family will bring happiness to all. Fun for the day? Yep. Lasting joy? I doubt it. All you will  have left is a loaded credit card.

Lasting change begins by saying no to the party food right now, no to the Macy’s sales and saying yes to changing your thoughts and beliefs, getting clear on what you want, making a plan and then going after it.


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