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This morning I dropped my friend Elaine off at the hospital for surgery. As she was getting out of the car, she turned to me and said “Ya know you’re burnt out when surgery is a lookin’ good option for getting some rest and relaxation.”

Hahaha. We laughed about this, but both of us knew she wasn’t kidding.

Does anesthesia, attentive nurses, and all you can eat from the Jello-bar sound good to you? Then yes, you might be struggling with some burnout, or maybe feeling stuck, unmotivated, or just plain … blah.

You are not alone. “Forty-two percent of women in corporate America report being burned out”. -The McKinsey Podcast

There are tons of complex reasons for why burnout has become a national epidemic for women. One of the biggest reasons is that we are so ingrained to put others before ourselves. We neglect our own self-care.

After her surgery Elaine confessed to me “I’ve lost my sense of self. I’m successful, smart and a good mom, but I feel so empty inside. I am constantly filling up everyone else’s tank with premium gas but running my own life on cheap “gotta-gotta-gotta” fuel. I’m TIRED. I’m slowly killing myself Laura!

The day after listening to Elaine, I babysat my grandson Abie. I am always learning from him, and this week I want to pass along two self-care tips he taught me.

Out of the mouth of babes….lol.

#1: S.T.O.P. Please, just stop. Several times an hour, turn away from the computer. Take a 10 second cleansing breath and rest your eyes on something easy; the wall, a tree outside, the sky. Your eyes work so hard, yet we never give them a rest. Breath. Rest. Just for 10 seconds, OK? Then repeat throughout the day. This is so easy and very effective.

When was the last time you took a moment to just stare at the ceiling?

#2: Make the decision today to put yourself first and take a nap. We are so programed to crush it every second of every day and that is why we are so burnt out. A 10-minute power snooze can work wonders if you are working from home.

Sometimes you just need a nap. Period!

Sure, these are whimsical photos of my grandson, but my message is a serious one. Ladies, you can’t keep going like this. Taking a daily nap may sound unrealistic but please don’t dismiss my suggestion. Instead, at least just think about it. What is running on empty costing you mentally, physically, spiritually?

What will happen to you if you don’t start to incorporate some rest in your day? No one will do this for you. Only YOU can make this decision. YOU are worth it.

“Burnout is ceasing to be a badge of honor”.
-Arianna Huffington.

“The grind culture is working against us. Modern society tells us that we don’t have enough. All lies. We are enough. We have enough.”
-The Nap Ministry

“Don’t wait to have your appendix out to get some R&R,” says Elaine. “It’s not worth it, and the Jello-bar is … meh. Instead, be like Abie!”

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