I hate when people say “JUST DO IT!”

“OH JUST DO IT Laura!” How often do you hear people say this? UGH I hate it. Why? There is no intelligence, no thought, no game plan, no strategy behind this dictum. It’s just dumb, pushy advice.

But! Sometimes isn’t that just what we need?  A dose of pushy, dumb advice? lol. A dose of “Oh get over yourself Laura and…JUST DO IT”.

Today, instead of overanalyzing my goals to death, I set one.  I JUST DID IT. I set this hard, “long distance” goal for myself: I am doing 99 burpees a week until I am 99 years old.

How about you? Are you setting a “long-distance” goal for yourself today? If not now, when?

Mental Toughness means sometimes JUST DOING IT.

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