Here’s a simple, 60-second solution for your stress.

I use to make such a big deal every time I felt stressed: “OMG, I need six months of therapy to recover. I need three weeks in Aruba to rest.” Before I became mentally tough, I would identify any stress I felt as a jumbo-sized, Laura Eiman disaster.

Sound familiar? If so, here’s a simple 60 second solution for stress:

Understand that stress comes in different sizes: small, medium, large, jumbo. Identify how big or small it is by asking this question. Then take a “right action step” to help dissolve it.

Yesterday around noon I felt exhausted. I pushed away from my monitor and asked:

  • What size is my stress? Answer: Hmmm…actually quite small even though it feels big!
  • How bad is it really? Do I really need to take to my bed for a week? Answer: Nope.
  • How long has it been since I took a break? Answer: This morning.

My stress registered as “small”. It was caused by me staring at my monitor for 2.5 hours without giving my eyeballs a break, by not taking any deep cleansing breaths, by not drinking any water, by not stretching. No wonder I felt stressed. My brain and body were temporarily maxed out

I took a “right action” step: I walked my dog (it was a beautiful sunny day!). Then I hopped in my car and drove to CVS and bought Pez for my grandchildren’s Easter baskets. I was back in my office in an hour, happy and feeling refreshed. Pez and a walk saved the day. No therapy. No Aruba (rats). Just some cheap, retail therapy and fresh air.

Not every fatigue is fatal.

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