Feeling frantic? Here’s a lesson from my toothbrush, that can help calm your nerves.

One morning this week I was frantically brushing my teeth, worrying about politics, global warming, racism, AI, the economy.

My poor gums were sore from all my fussing and fuming. It wasn’t even 7AM and I was exhausted.

I used to believe that if I worried about something it would somehow solve the problem, and showcase what a caring, good person I was. Another stupid story ricocheting around in my nutty mind for decades.

Sound familiar? Do you do this too?

The truth is, when we worry, we get … more worry.  It solves nothing and throws kerosine on our already inflamed mindsets.

This had to stop. I was ruining my gums over thoughts about Bagdad. I put the toothbrush down, exhaled and then began again. Slowly and quietly, I just brushed. my. teeth.

I felt much better.

Something to think about this week: Most anxiety, stress, and fears we have reside in regrets about our past or worries about our future. Staying in the present moment is where true serenity and peace are found.

But this is SO HARD for our western minds to do. If you really want peace of mind, you must get out of your comfort zone and do hard things.

Here’s my mental toughness challenge for you this week: Go for a walk today and stay in the present moment. Settle into your walk, take slow, deep diaphragmatic breaths and for once let the world revolve around the sun without your help.

These days when I walk Cookie, I practice focusing on my feet hitting the ground. I look at leaves shimmering on tree branches. I watch clouds float by. I smell the trees, the woods. I feel calmer.

Try it.

There will always be too much to worry about. Let it be.

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