Blow your own horn a bit, will ya?

WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SAID, “GO ME!” AFTER DOING SOMETHING REALLY HARD? Rarely? Never? Oh boy …. that’s a prescription for burnout.

If we don’t acknowledge ourselves after doing hard stuff, we are guaranteed to get tired and cranky.

When I was in 3rd grade, I remember reading a book called “I’m In Charge Of My Own Celebrations”.  I learned a big-girl lesson then: It’s my job to praise myself when I do hard things, no one else’s.

I just finished a 4-month, super grueling, hard project. I celebrated by buying this pair of foxy “GO ME!” shoes. It felt great.

Unabashedly blow your own horn. YOU be in charge of celebrating your wins. Don’t fall into that victim trap expecting others to come running and give ya a “Yo! Good job!” slap on the back. Sure, it’s great when it happens, but we’re all hyper-focused on our own stuff and can innocently overlook your fabulous achievement. Fair enough. Don’t take it personally. Do take your achievement seriously and celebrate you.

I want to take a moment here and say I applaud you for that big, hairy, scary project you just completed, whatever it is. GO YOU!

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